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If you are looking for an elegant, refined and unique gift idea that amazes all the senses, the Lavecia Gift Box of four is the gift you are looking for.

The four-product gift box is elegantly packaged in a drawer box tied with a beautiful ribbon. Inside, four cells padded with natural wood straw have been designed to contain your choice of any four of our products.

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Suggested combinations

Create tailor-made combinations according to different tastes and preferences.  Combinations to consider are:

For a vegetarian: Purple Cauliflower in Oil; Baby Artichokes in Oil; Aubergines in Oil; and Green Tomatoes in Oil.

For a vegan: Zucchini in Olive Oil; Asparagus in Olive Oil; caramelized late fig preserves; and Caprese Michelangelo Chestnut Cream.

For cheese lovers: Plum Jam with Balsamic Vinegar and Licorice; Quince, Lime and Ginger Jam; Green Apple and Chilli Jam; and Yellow Peach and Almond Compote.

For seafood lovers: Marinated Squid; Marinated Mackerel; and two packs of Marinated Small Peppers with grilled Tuna.

For lovers of rustic flavors: Pork Loin seasoned in 100 spices in Oil; Little Onions in Oil; Fig and Walnut Jam; and Small Pork and Fennel Sausages in Oil.

Alternatively, you can create your own tailor-made combination from all the Lavecia products for your bespoke gift with the only exception of the tomato and basilico preserve that is available for sale as a single item.


The Gift Box of 4 measures 24cm wide, 24.5cm long and 11cm high.


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